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Local Service!
When you use Arizona Research & Retrieval Services, you get hands on, in county research.  Our staff goes to the source to perform research, ensuring that all research is performed accurately and efficiently.

Real Estate Research...

Arizona's premier abstractor!

Having performed more than 150,000 real estate searches since 2002, Arizona Research & Retrieval Services is experienced and capable of handling all of your research needs in Arizona, California & Nevada.  Our roots are in Real Estate Research, with our employees having experience in a wide variety of mortgage research and document services, including current owner searches, deed searches, document retrieval and recording, document preparation and loan portfolio analysis. Below are some of the typical services we provide:

  • Residential Current Owner Searches / "O&E" Searches

  • Residential Two + Owner Searches

  • Foreclosure Searches

  • Deed Reports

  • Document Retrieval

  • Document Recording + Updates

  • Judgment & Lien Searches

  • Tax & Assessment Data

Recording Services

Arizona Research & Retrieval Services provides recording services in all Arizona and Nevada counties.  In addition to ensuring that your document isn't rejected for correctable problems, Arizona Research can provide an update at the time of recording, and provide confirmation of recording with recording data within 24 to 72 hours of receipt of your document!  

NOTE: Most recordings are completed electronically.  Recording fee checks should be made payable to Arizona Research & Retrieval Services.

Note:  Arizona Research & Retrieval Services, Inc. is not a title company and does not insure title or provide any guaranty of title.  

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