Homeowner Services


Helping you navigate the public records and find information about your property.

Homeowner Services


Helping you navigate the public records and find information about your property.

Real Estate Title Services

Services Available / Pricing

Real Estate Title is complicated.  We’re here to help you navigate the public records and find information about your property.  Whether you need historical information about your property, information about liens or mortgages, or need to find easements or other restrictions, Arizona Research can help.

We offer the following basic services for homeowners:


Search Services

Current Owner Search:  Starting at $65.00

With a current owner search, we will start our search from the time of the last sale of the property and search forward from there.  Our search will include all deeds of conveyance, open mortgages and other liens, tax status, easements and restrictions granted since acquisition, and a name search for liens that could affect the property.  This is helpful if you want to get a picture of your ownership and open mortgages/liens against your property

Deed/Vesting Search:  Starting at $45.00

A vesting search will include all deeds filed since the last sale of the property.  This type of search is helpful if you only need to know who currently holds title and how title is held.

Historical Research:  Starting at $100.00

We can search the history of your property back as far as requested, and include transfers as well as easements/restrictions if requested.

Document Retrieval:  Starting at $35.00

Locate a release of lien/mortgage:  Starting at $35.00

Probate Search/Copies:  Starting at $65.00


Document preparation / Recording

Deed Preparation & Recording:  Starting at $125.00 + County Fees

If you need to change the ownership of your property, we can assist you with the preparation, notarization and recording of the deed.  Prior to the preparation of the deed, we will search your property to determine the current ownership and legal description, which is necessary to prepare a new deed.  Once prepared, the existing owners (and sometimes the new owners) will need to sign before a notary.  After execution, we will record the new deed at the county recorder’s office.

Other Documents:

Arizona Research can assist you with many additional document types, including deeds of trust, releases, homestead declarations, and others.

To get started with your request, click here to submit a request to send us your property information and select the type of request you have.




Educational Resources:

https://www.homeclosing101.org/ is an educational website maintained by the American Land Title Association.

FAQs / General Information

What is the title to my property?

Unlike title to an automobile, there is not a single paper title.  Title to real property is the accumulation of all recorded documents for the property going back to the original land patent and even further.  When a property is sold, a Deed is prepared conveying ownership from one party to another.  In most cases, the current deed shows the current ownership – but this is not always the case.  There are many factors or scenarios where parties’ interest from a previous deed will carry forward.

What is a Deed/Warranty Deed/Quit Claim Deed/Grant Deed?

These are all deed types which transfer interest in a property from one party to another.  Different deed types will be used in different situations, but they’re all Deeds which convey real property.

What is a Deed of Trust?

A Deed of Trust is effectively a mortgage.  Most western states use a Deed of Trust in financing rather than a mortgage.  The two types of instruments have different parties to the document, and have a different procedure for foreclosure, among other things, but both are financing instruments for real estate.

What is a Reconveyance?

A reconveyance is a release of a deed of trust.  Under a deed of trust, a third party trustee holds the property in trust.  Upon satisfaction of the obligations under the deed of trust, the trustee “re-conveys” the property to the owner.

What is Tenancy?

There are many ways to hold title – as a single person, as joint tenants/joint tenants with right of survivorship, as community property, as tenants in common, etc.  Tenancy refers to how the title will be held.

How do I change ownership?

Ownership to a property can be changed by preparing a deed which, in general, conveys title from the old owner to the new owner.  The preparation of a deed includes very important components:

      • Determining who currently owns title to the property and exactly how title is held
      • Determining the correct legal description for the property
      • Ensuring that the new ownership appears correctly on the new deed
      • Properly executing and notarizing the deed

      Failure to properly prepare a deed can create a title defect, which can cause problems years down the road, and even make the property uninsurable and/or unmarketable.  We recommend that it be done by a qualified professional like Arizona Research.

What liens are against my property?

Determining what liens are open against a property requires a search of the property.  Arizona Research can help!  Contact us today.

Has my mortgage been released?

Locating a release for a mortgage requires a simple search of the real property records.  Arizona Research can assist you with this for a minimal cost.

What is a legal description?

Legal Description refers to how the property is legally described using either a lot/subdivision or a metes & bounds description.  If your property is in a subdivision, it is usually just the lot and block, subdivision name and the recording reference for the subdivision.  However, in some cases, lots are changed after the subdivision of the property, and there can be additions or subtractions to the lot.  A metes and bounds description describes a property by actual measurements or calls, using standard surveying language.

Legal descriptions are required to be used in most real estate documents, including deeds and deeds of trusts/mortgages.  It is imperative that a complete and correct legal description be used.  Any errors can cause title defects and even make the property uninsurable or unmarketable.  Further, you should never rely solely on the legal description from the last transfer of the property, because changes could have been made and/or the prior legal description may contain errors.



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